The Magic of  MICHAEL P. LAIR


        Welcome to the official Web site of Michael P. Lair

Michael P. Lair has been performing magic professionally for years, and has presented his magic shows all over the United States. An innovator, Michael develops and sells over 20 magic effects, numerous videos and books to the magic community. He is a skilled lecturer for magic groups and conventions.

"Your story about the beach and the ball...still sticks with me as the most poetic, simple and magical performance that evening. This was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing this kind of work from you; I hope to see more."
Jeff McBride, world-renowned magician - Las Vegas

"Magic starts immediately as candles appear and disappear and canes come and one dares blink for fear of missing something."
Bob Filips, Youngstown Magic Convention

"I was very impressed with your constructive thinking...your 'Beach Memories' was exceptionally good."
Gene Maze, close-up magic expert - New York City

"Michael's act was very visual, professional and highly entertaining. I worked with him in Miami and he really brought down the house. I'm sure he would be a hit at any convention."
Jason Byrne, Las Vegas