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Candles! DVD

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The creator of Fantasio candle effects Spitfire, Firefall, and Candle Rewind gives you the following exciting routines on this 80-minute DVD:

Candle Basics - A description of the appearing and vanishing candles is given and basics on how to use them.

Firefall - A lit candle vanishes in a shower of sparks. Several magicians are using Firefall to open their shows!

Spitfire - A candle appears lit any time during your show!

Candle Rewind - A candle changes into a 30-foot ribbon! The audience loves it.

These effects plus: Splitfire, Sparkle Matches, Flare, Candle to Sword (worth the price of the DVD!), Safety Catch, Flashspin, Auto-Light Match, Billiard Finale, Flash Candle to Cane, Candle to Streamers, Flashover, and Stripped.
If you have Fantasio candles, you must have this DVD!