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drinkmagic DVD by Michael P. Lair

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Michael P. Lair's latest DVD 'drinkmagic' contains the International Brotherhood of Magicians' Originality Contest 2009 1st place award winning entry 'Shrink Drink' + 9 other cool ideas with drinks to add to your magic act, including: Shrink Drink 2.0 (even better than the original!), Mini-Size Me, Mini-Size Me 2.0, Cup of Soda, 20/12, 20-oz. Production (Michael's previously marketed magic effect fully explained), Redmagic, and Big! There are effects where cans, cups, and bottles shrink and grow. Cans of soda disappear, a lit candle turns into a bottle of red liquid, and even a 2-liter bottle of soda magically appears out of nowhere! Get drinkmagic...there's a lot of creative ideas that you will enjoy adding to your magic show.