The Magic of  MICHAEL P. LAIR


Magic is art. A well-rehearsed trick will cause an audience to experience a level of emotion and awe that  will long be remembered. How did he do that? Remember that magician at your party who made the signed card appear in your hands…made the beach ball float? Strong magic should bring about some form of change in the audience. Just like art, they should leave with a slightly different perspective.  

The best magic combines humor and polished sleight of hand to provide an audience with one of the best entertainment packages for the money.

Michael works hard to provide good, strong, visual magic mixed with humor, providing a magic show that is polished and suitable for all ages, that they will long remember.


Michael P. Lair has lectured in every major city for the past several years. His lecture is full of variety with visual close-up magic using coins, cards, sponge balls, and animations of objects, to exciting stage magic using candles, fans, coils, swords, throw streamers, and Chinese fans.

Michael’s lectures are titled: Act 1, Act 2, Stage Cool, and Standup! Michael has top-selling videos entitled Coins! and Candles! as well. On Coins!, Michael discusses a very deceptive coin gimmick Invisiblair that is very popular with magicians. In Candles!, Fantasio appearing and vanishing candles are explored in depth. Nothing is left out on the topic of candles! Michael has over 20 magic effects that he sells as well!


  Creativity is a key to Michael’s lectures. You will witness a great variety of effects using many different props. You will be able to add several ideas to your act for your next show!